Radiology & Imaging

The Radiology & Imaging Department at Madison County Memorial Hospital delivers the highest quality diagnostic and preventive imaging services with the personalized care and attention all patients deserve.  Your doctor may request that one or more medical imaging services be performed in order to help determine the best care plan for you.

Our imaging services include:

  • Diagnostic Digital Radiology or X-Ray
  • Digital Mammography
  • 40-Slice CT Scans
  • MRI Scans
  • Nuclear Medicine Scans
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound – including cardiac and vascular imaging
  • Bone Density Scans (DEXA)

Your imaging service will be performed by one of our highly skilled radiologic technologists, who will guide you through the process and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our team of professionals has over 47 years of combined experience and an average tenure of over 15 years with Madison County Health Care System. Our Radiology & Imaging Department is closely affiliated with Mercy Health Network, allowing us to provide you with cutting-edge services without the drive to Des Moines.

Once your medical imaging service is complete, it is entered into an advanced Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) where it will be routed through multiple levels of rigorous analysis. Through our partnership with Mercy, we utilize Imaging Interpretive Services provided by the radiologists of Diagnostic Imaging Associates.

Each of these radiologists is Fellowship trained to become sub-specialists in their chosen field, including neuroimaging, musculoskeletal, pediatrics, and more. Your results are also evaluated by a sophisticated computer program that helps provide analysis beyond what is visible to the naked eye. This combination of highly trained specialist evaluation, along with skilled use of the latest technology, helps you receive the most comprehensive and accurate results possible.

The Radiology & Imaging Department is part of Madison County Memorial Hospital, located at 300 W. Hutching St. in Winterset, Iowa. The department can be found on the main floor of the hospital, across from the cafeteria.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 462-5214.