Services > Radiology

  • Diagnostic digital radiology or x-ray
  • Digital mammography
  • 40 slice CT scans
  • MRI scans
  • Nuclear medicine scans
  • Diagnostic ultrasound, including cardiac and vascular imaging
  • Bone density scans (DEXA)
  • PACS: The Picture Archiving and Communications System uses computer technology to digitally store images from all exams on a computer system for instant viewing
  • Imaging Interpretive Services is provided by the 17 radiologists of Diagnostic Imaging Associates, who are all Fellowship trained to become sub-specialists in their chosen field, including neuroimaging, musculoskeletal, pediatrics and more, who over-read imaging exams.

All clinics are located at 300 W. Hutchings St. in Winterset, Iowa. Some physicians see patients in the Health Trust Physicians Clinic and others in the Visiting Specialist Clinic.

For more information or assistance in scheduling a visit, call the Visiting Specialist Clinic at (515) 462-5207.