At Madison County Health Care System, we are very proud of our volunteers! In 2022, these dedicated friends donated 2,196 hours to the organization, saving over $73,544 in salary expenses and helping us meet our mission of delivering compassionate health care with excellence.

The volunteers are working with our staff to ensure the needs of our patients and their families are met. They are helping to provide important services that support the efforts of the health care team. Our volunteers are significant cogs in the workings of our hospital.

The three prime areas of opportunity within the hospital are:

  • The Gift Box
  • Cafeteria
  • Skilled Nursing Liaison

Volunteers are also called on to do other things from time to time such as providing clerical assistance and assistance in patient care areas.

If you would you like to be a part of this elite group and give back, not only to your hospital, but to your community, we’d love to talk with you. We have volunteers from late teens to seasoned citizens. All that is necessary is your compassion and your desire to be a part of a team to help others.

For more information:

Contact Michelle Phillips, Volunteer Coordinator at (515) 462-5208.