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Madison County Health Care System (MCHCS) is committed to providing an inclusive continuum of care to residents living in and around Madison County, Iowa. MCHCS providers serve Madison County Memorial Hospital, Earlham Medical Clinic and Health Trust Physicians Clinic in Winterset.

Madison County Memorial Hospital, a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital, located in Winterset, Iowa, has provided excellent health care for more than 60 years. Since its founding, MCMH has constantly evolved and expanded both its services and its facility to meet the needs of area residents and their families. Recently, the hospital has conducted major renovations, including a 25 bed medical surgical wing with private rooms and baths, new surgical suites, a renovated health therapy and rehabilitation department and expansions in the Health Trust Physicians Clinic, Visiting Specialists Clinic and the emergency department. Investments have also been made in upgrading imaging to include a 40 slice CT scan and digital mammography. Considerable funds have also been invested in upgrading the physical plant as well as making the necessary investments in information technology to remain current and promote equitable access to quality care.

This dedication to continuous improvement includes the addition of Senior Life Solutions at MCHCS in 2016; a service addressing the mental health needs of those over 65.

Notably MCHCS strives to enhance patient access to specialized care without the burden of travel by offering more than 20 visiting specialists at the Winterset facility. This commitment to equity ensures that residents have convenient access to specialized care, eliminating potential disparities in healthcare access based on location or transportation barriers. For more information on our specialty clinics, patients can call (515)462-5207.

Specialty Clinic Services

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