Observation, Skilled Telemetry, Hospice Respite, Hospice Acute

We offer observation care for patients who qualify if length of stay is expected to be less than 24 hours. Inpatient stays are for patients who potentially need to be hospitalized for longer than 24 hours.

We also provide telemetry for patients who need to have their heart rate and rhythm monitored.

We offer skills nursing services for patients who have a 3 day qualifying stay and require additional hospital days for strengthening and/or intravenous medications.

Patients who are receiving Hospice care may be admitted to Hospice Respite when families need a break. Hospice inpatient is for management of acute symptoms related to their diagnosis. We also have access to a grant for patients who meet the criteria and when death is imminent to be able to stay in our hospital rather than being transferred to another facility.