Madison County Health Trust, Inc. Foundation

Mission Statement

Madison County Health Trust, Inc., is committed to the availability of the highest quality health services for the residents of Madison County. The Madison County Health Trust seeks to provide financial support for a wide range of programs designed to meet the medical needs of county residents. This goal incorporates the need for easily accessible, economical health services to promote the medical well-being of the people of Madison County.


The Madison County Health Trust was established on May 13, 1991, in Winterset, following the loss of local practicing physicians and the closing of a medical clinic in Winterset. The absence of physicians presented a difficult situation for Madison County Memorial Hospital as revenue from patient services seriously declined, threatening the future of the hospital. To address this challenge, hospital administration proposed that the hospital recruit physicians by establishing a clinic for physicians at the hospital. To fund the project, a bond was placed before the county voters but was defeated. A proposal was then submitted to the hospital board recommending that a foundation be established to raise funds for construction of a physicians clinic. With board approval, the Madison County Health Trust was established.

The Foundation is an independent, non-for-profit charitable organization. The initial board consisted of: Bob Bass, Dick Cooper, Molly Clark, Jeannie Utsler, Bob Baur, Joanne Nichols and Bob Young. The foundation’s goal was to raise funds to be used to financially support health care projects in Madison County in order to improve health care services in the county. The board and a capital campaign manager immediately organized to begin the efforts to raise funds for the clinic.

The goal was reached on Christmas Eve 1991, and construction of a hospital-based physicians clinic began in the spring. Two family practice physicians were subsequently recruited to practice in the new Health Trust Physicians Clinic at the hospital. Today, six physicians and two mid-level professionals are housed in the recently expanded and renovated space.

Since 1991, Madison County Health Trust, Inc. has continued to support Madison County Memorial Hospital as well as provided scholarships for Madison County residents going into health care fields and funding other approved health service projects to provide quality health services in Madison County. To date, over $1 million has been invested by the foundation.

In recent years, the organization has hosted Valentine Galas in 2014 and 2016 to raise funds for specific needs. Over $50,000 was raised in these two events to purchase surgical equipment (2014) and two automatic chest compression systems (2016).

The success of Madison County Health Trust, Inc. is directly attributable to the generosity of Madison County residents and the desire to reach the goal of improving health care in the county.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Madison County for their support in helping the Health Trust invest in the future of health care for our families, friends and neighbors.

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