Donation To Help Support Women’s Health Initiative at HTPC

Madison County Health Care System recently received a generous donation to help support the women’s health care initiative at Health Trust Physicians Clinic.

Hal Chase made this donation in honor of his late wife, Avril Laughlin Chase. Avril, a beautiful and caring soul, always wore a smile wherever she went. She was very involved in the health care industry, working as a nurse for 35 years. Hal and Avril decided together to contribute to the advancing technologies in health care here at Madison County Health Care System.

The donation assisted in the purchase of a colposcope, a tool utilized for female examinations. Colposcopies are currently performed by the newest provider at Health Trust Physicians Clinic, Dr. Jennifer Elkin. “The colposcope magnifies the view of the cervix to help identify the presence of suspicious areas of tissue that might indicate cancer,” said Dr. Elkin, “It’s typically used if a cervical screening finds abnormal cells in the cervix. With this tool, we can help diagnose women with early stages of cervical cancer, resulting in a better chance of prompt treatment and recovery.”

MCHCS extends their appreciation to the Chase family. For more information about how you can help change lives through contributions to Madison County Health Care System, visit For those needing to schedule an annual exam, please call (515) 462-2950.

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