Back to School Immunizations

As Madison County students prepare to head back to school, we want to be sure all students have plenty of time to receive their required vaccinations. To beat the back-to-school rush, call and schedule a wellness exam and immunization appointment at Health Trust Physicians Clinic (515) 462-2950, or Earlham Medical Clinic (515) 758-2907. When children … Read more

Be Aware of These Medicare Scams

Over the last year, new Medicare cards have been sent out. These new cards now have a unique ID consisting of random numbers instead of Social Security Numbers. As a result, there has been a rise in scams as scammers try to steal these new numbers. In addition, Medicare scams increase during open enrollment which … Read more

Donation To Help Support Women’s Health Initiative at HTPC

Madison County Health Care System recently received a generous donation to help support the women’s health care initiative at Health Trust Physicians Clinic. Hal Chase made this donation in honor of his late wife, Avril Laughlin Chase. Avril, a beautiful and caring soul, always wore a smile wherever she went. She was very involved in … Read more

Get Back to the Basics

Nutritional awareness and “eating right” are one in the same.  It is a basic requirement for a healthy life.  March is National Nutrition Awareness Month, dedicated to initiating positive lifestyle changes.  Filling your body with the best fuel possible will help it to run better and longer.  Too many times we eat out of boredom, … Read more

Lead A Heart Healthy Life

February is American Hearth Month, first proclaimed in 1964 by then President Lyndon B. Johnson, nine years after his own heart attack. Since then, we have taken this month to recognize the disease, those whom it has burdened, and the variables that surround its cause. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease is … Read more

Reinventing New Year’s Resolutions

With 2020 behind us, and the New Year of 2021 ahead, many start to plan and set resolutions as a way of starting the year off on the right foot.  The beginning of a new year and a new start can offer us hope to better ourselves. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions don’t always have a … Read more

Beat the Holiday Blues

Holidays are typically joyful – full of life, lights and celebrations with those we love.  But behind the glitter and gifts, many people tend to experience stress, anxiety and depression during this time of year.  Fear and anxiety that surrounds the COVID-19 outbreak is only adding to mental health conditions, ultimately leading to higher than … Read more

Diabetes: Don’t Sugar Coat It

Diabetes is a term heard quite often, so it may be easy to downplay, dismiss or forget the seriousness of this condition.  Understanding the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, how to decrease your own risk, or manage your diabetes can help ensure a healthier life. Many people may be at risk for … Read more

Early Detection Saves Lives

As we begin the month of October, pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons are displayed around many different places – pink products line the shelves, fundraisers and awareness campaigns are featured on Facebook and throughout the community, and many speak out about the impact breast cancer has had in their lives and their loved ones.  Raising … Read more

Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19

Thanksgiving is a time when many families celebrate together.  Madison County Health Care System is encouraging our community to use standard COVID-19 health precautions and celebrate virtually with extended family this year. Lower-risk activities A small dinner with the people who live with you. A virtual dinner and sharing recipes with friends and family. Shopping … Read more

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