Show MCHCS Health Caregivers You Care

Say Thanks

In the midst of COVID-19 and uncertainty, healthcare professionals rushed in, putting others before themselves. As they work long, difficult hours, let’s show our support and appreciation to all our local healthcare professionals.

Just saying thank you to those in your community is a simple way to make a big difference.

We are collecting messages of support for our providers and staff. To share your thanks, words. Please fill out and submit your message below. If you like to send us a picture please send to

Mail Cards to Encourage Our Healthcare Heroes

Since spring of 2020, the healthcare heroes at Atrium Health have been on the frontlines and haven’t stopped. Our frontline teammates have worked diligently to take care of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also undergoing many personal sacrifices – they are truly our healthcare heroes.

We encourage our community members to participate in our Healthcare Heroes Cards campaign to send cards of appreciation, gratitude and encouragement to our frontline teammates.

To participate, simply mail a card or get creative and make your own card. Even ask your friends, neighbors or church to help out. We know our heroes would love to hear from you. Let’s flood them with cards so they can feel the love, too.

Mail your Healthcare Heroes Cards to:

Madison County Health Care System
Attn: Healthcare Heroes Cards
300 W. Hutchings Street
Winterset, IA 50273

Take to Social Media

Social media brings us all together in unique ways. Take a video saying thank you, or a photo holding a sign, and share it to social media.

Use the hashtags #ThanksHealthHeroes and #MadisonCoHealthProud, so local healthcare professionals and their families can see your post.

Make a Sign

Even if you don’t know them, healthcare professionals in your neighborhood are working hard to keep you safe. Make a thank-you sign, and put it in your front yard or on a window, so they’ll see it on their way to work and home.