Email Signature

You can include a logo image as part of your email signature.  When used this way, the logo should appear at the bottom of the email signature, below all the other elements of the signature.

Download Logo - Email Signature


Here are instructions on how to add the MCHCS logo to your email signature within the Outlook desktop program:

  1. Download the logo image to your desktop computer
  2. Go File > Options
  3. Select “Mail” from the left sidebar
  4. Click on “Signatures” beside the description: Create or modify signatures for messages
  5. Enter your signature text in the text field.  If you already have an email signature created, verify that the information is correct
  6. Place the cursor at the end of your signature and then select the [insert image] icon that is found between the “Business Card” icon and the [insert link] icon
  7. Upload the image file from your computer
  8. Be sure to click “Save” and then click “Ok”