State-of-the-Art Pain Treatment now Available!

Cooled Radiofrequency treatment (known as “Coolief” by Halyard Health) pain treatment is now available through Dr. Matthew Biggerstaff at Madison County Memorial Hospital in Winterset. This minimally invasive, outpatient procedure uses cooled radiofrequency (RF) energy to safely target the sensory nerves causing pain. The procedure circulates water through the device while heating nervous tissue to create a treatment area that is larger than conventional RF treatments. This combination targets the pain-causing nerves without excessive heating, leading to pain relief. The treatments targeted to addressing pain in the knees, hips, and the sacroiliac (lower back). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had cleared the Halyard Coolief procedure to “ablate sensory nerves” that cause chronic pain – and that applies to back, knee, Hip and Lower Back pain.

Dr. Biggerstaff has been providing visiting specialist services for the pain clinic at Madison County Memorial Hospital for about the last 6 years. He stated that this procedure is for addressing chronic pain; especially for a patient who is a candidate for knee replacement, or a patient who has had knee replacement and is still plagued by pain, or for the chronic hip or lower back pain sufferer.

Regarding the knee procedure, he said, “This procedure works well for the patient who has been told to lose weight prior to having a knee replacement procedure. Losing weight is not always easy and we can usually give the patient anywhere from 6 to 18 months pain relief using the cooled RF procedure, which, in turn, may help the patient become more physically active. It is also significantly less expensive and the recovery time is very short.” He said, “Another candidate is one who has had knee replacement surgery and is still suffering from persistent knee pain or post-operative pain.” He said the patient will probably have a couple of rehabilitation visits and be encouraged to do home exercises. Biggerstaff said, “The procedures are relatively painless and take about 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the location of the procedure.” Since there is no general anesthesia the patient should be able to return home shortly after the treatment and back to normal activities within several days. A responsible adult is required to be present in order to drive the patient home following the procedure.

Biggerstaff said the procedures are an alternative to surgery or medication. It’s minimally invasive, effective and offers short recovery. Biggerstaff said, “We treat pain using a multidisciplinary approach providing a full spectrum of techniques. We utilize physical therapy, pool therapy, massage, TENS, mental health and medication management.” He said, “Our approach to medication management is to maximize non-narcotic adjuncts. We work to treat the underlying cause of the pain to reduce, or remove the need for long-standing medication management. Our goal is provide compassionate and comprehensive pain control.” He said the patient should begin to feel pain relief within one to two weeks. Biggerstaff said, “in some patients the relief is long-lasting and in others it may be necessary to schedule additional treatments.”

Hospital CEO, Marcia Hendricks, RN, MHA, FACHE, said, “We are excited to be the first location in central Iowa to offer this procedure. The cooled RF procedure should help many central Iowans deal with chronic pain in the Knees, Hips and Lower Back.”

For more information, or to set an appointment, contact the Specialty Clinic at Madison County Memorial Hospital at (515) 462-5207.