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If so determined, your physician will select and order the appropriate sleep study for you; either a home sleep study, which is scheduled at Madison County Memorial Hospital, or a study conducted at a sleep study center.

If an in-home study is ordered, the patient is scheduled with the Health and Rehab Services Department and will come in to get equipment and receive instructions. Once the test has been completed, the patient will return the equipment and test is interpreted. The results are sent to the ordering physician who will follow up with the patient.

If an “onsite” test in necessary, the physician will refer patients to one of a number of locations, based on the preference and schedule of the patient. Once the test is completed and interpreted, results are received by the physicians and follow up with the patient is arranged.

Sleep studies are covered by insurance for the most part. Check individual policy for exact coverage.

All clinics are located at 300 W. Hutchings St. in Winterset, Iowa. Some physicians see patients in the Health Trust Physicians Clinic and others in the Visiting Specialist Clinic.

For more information or assistance in scheduling a visit, call the Visiting Specialist Clinic at (515) 462-5207.